I read many reviews before buying, so I want to write my own! This is my first attempt with something like a self-tanner, and I’m very pleased. It’s early April, and with weddings, parties, and a trip to south Georgia planned, I was a bit desperate for a quick solution to cure my pasty skin without going to a tanning bed.

Testing it out a week prior to wedding #1, I found that even two days of applying after a shower provided
a solid base color. My skin is fair, not porcelain-like, though, so the gradual color looks right for me, especially against my brown hair. I made sure to purchase the fair to medium bottle. I have somewhat sensitive skin, and have not experienced any problems. I keep good care of my skin on a regular basis, someone who doesn’t might experience small breakouts since it is kind of a thick lotion.

I was very particular about my application, smoothing over my face, neck, chest, arms, and legs evenly. A tip– use very lightly, but evenly, on your feet! Feet tend to color much easilier. Definitely wait a bit (I wait 15 min.) to put clothes on. You want it to absorb well.

Throughout the day the color appeared. The first day, slightly noticeable, and the second, even more so. I’m nervous to try day three (at least for early April, since few New Yorkers are tan at this point), I may start to look unnatural then, not sure.

It has a smell, but not a bad one. It almost smells “warm.” I don’t plan on using it the day of the special events, but probably two days leading up to them. Since it differs from my usual lotion, which is lighter, I feel a little bit weighed down when I’ve used it. As far as firming, I noticed it mostly on the back of my arms. That wasn’t my intent in purchasing, though a nice perk! I’m excited to wear my new sleeveless dress next weekend.

Overall, Jergens Natural Glow is working out well, a good investment for a girl who doesnt have time to sunbathe–ever. $12 beats wasting time and money at a tanning salon. I think those who have had trouble with it probably did not take a methodical approach to applying it and waiting for it to absorb. Patience is a virtue!

Jergens Natural Glow Review by Shannon

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